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The Watercar Panther Looks Like a Jeep, but Cruises Like a Jet Boat

A Jeep that can also go into the water? That's what the Watercar Panther is all about. Witness the Watercar Panther and how it can dominate all terrains.

The Watercar Panther looks like a standard all-terrain land-based Jeep. While its Jeep aesthetic is basically for show (in other words, it's not actually a Jeep), it actually functions most effectively as a jet boat. It has a transfer case that can switch between wheels or jet propulsion, and it switches in less than 15 seconds from road to water. Eat your heart out, James Bond.

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When you see what this bad boy is working with, you'll want to cop one immediately for the next time you feel like cutting up some serious waves.

Per GT Planet:

Powering the Panther is a 3.7-liter Honda V6 that comes from an Acura MDX. It pumps out 305hp and 274lbft of torque while providing power for both modes of operation. Due to this, it sits in the rear of the vehicle instead of under the hood.

Despite the power and a similar layout to a Porsche 911, the Panther is slow — at least on land. Its top speed is a meager 80mph, which is barely enough to keep up with traffic on most freeways. However, get in the water and it suddenly comes alive with the top speed hitting 44mph thanks to a jet drive.

According to WaterCar, this 44mph top speed also makes the Panther the fastest amphibious vehicle. That is at least on water. On land amphibious vehicles like the Gibbs Aquada are capable of 100mph or more.

Pretty sweet, right? If you have $155,000 lying around, this just might be your next water toy.

This post was originally published on July 22, 2019.

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