Watch: Yellowstone Bison Gives Some Intruding Snowmobiles a Real Scare

This bison really doesn't like snowmobiles!

Yellowstone is a truly magnificent place that everyone should visit at least once. It's even more majestic and beautiful in the winter. So, it isn't surprising the place is extremely popular with snowmobilers.

But just like the summer months, one must be careful when it comes to wildlife, especially the bison.

This recent video shot on a snowy road in Yellowstone shows just how unimpressed the bison are by your new snowmobile!

The National Park only recorded a couple of human/bison attack incidents last year, but that is no reason to let your guard down, as this video clearly shows. For every attack, there are probably a hundred or more instances like this where an animal gets agitated but doesn't commit to a full-blown attack.

And there is no doubt, that if that bison had really wanted to, it could have probably totaled any of those snowmobiles and put a serve hurt on the rider or riders. We're thinking it was just mildly agitated. We're also thankful this situation ended with just an angry animal, but no injuries to people or animal.

A snowmobiling trip into our Nation's first National Park is a special experience to be cherished, but please, give the animals a wide berth. Especially this time of year. Remember, they are simply trying to survive the tough conditions.

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