YouTube: Welker Farms Inc

Homemade Howitzer Blows a Hole Through a Building

These guys built a homemade cannon using some interesting scraps.

Using the frame of a Ford Model T and the suspension of a John Deere 7700 combine, Scott Welker of Leg Arms made a legitimate, functional cannon.

The video, posted on YouTube by Welker Farms Inc, takes on a number of different targets, including the side of a building, an old sedan, a preowned Ford Escape and some random junk.

They mix up the projectiles, too, as they start with a Thanksgiving turkey before moving to an actual cannonball.

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Watch the video below:


Videos with controlled settings like this are simply the best, especially when you're dealing with something as cool as a homemade cannon!

However, I will say I always get too excited to see how a lot of these heavy-duty weapons or explosives will match up against cars and buildings, and I'm usually left a little underwhelmed.

That was not the case in this clip, though, as they inflicted some serious damage with this thing. Sure, the turkey wasn't very effective, but I doubt anyone really expected it to do a whole lot to that building.

But the cannonball was certainly impressive, firing straight through the vehicle a number of times and almost through the side of that building. Imagine how much energy is required to force any projectile through a wall of cinder blocks, and consider how close this one was to making it through.

The Welker Farms channel focuses almost entirely on farming, so this had to be a ton of fun to film.