Bear Come out of Hibernation
YouTube: BowhuntingRoad

Trail Camera Shows Minnesota Black Bear Groggily Coming Out of Hibernation

This was a trail camera capture for the ages.

This man stumbled upon a bear den near his home in Minnesota during the winter. Curious about what he would discover when the bear finally emerged from hibernation in the spring, he set up a trail camera outside the den to catch an inside glimpse of what it's like for a black bear to come out of hibernation.

What transpires is a fascinating compilation of video clips that span nearly a month from the first time the bear emerges in February to when he leaves the den for good.

Just like any creature that had been curled up asleep for several months, the bear was very groggy, stiff and unsteady at first. However, he rounded back into form and gradually became more active each day. Watch the video to see what I mean.

Pretty interesting, right? We can relate with this bear. This is how we look every single morning getting up for another work day!

Most people probably think the process of a bear coming out of hibernation is a pretty fast one. However, when you consider just how long bears hibernate each year, it makes sense that it can take a couple weeks before they're acting normal again. Think of it as the bear equivalent of hitting the snooze button and being slow to get going on a Saturday morning.

On another side note, it's pretty interesting how that coyote waited until after the bear finally left for good before swinging by to investigate the den up close.

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