white-tailed eagle
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Watch This Eagle Snatch a Fish From the Sky in Slow Motion

You can tell these guys have done this once or twice before.

Have you ever seen someone feed seagulls by throwing crackers from a boat? It's an awesome show, right? These people who operate a boat almost every day have a ridiculous amount of practice to get their cracker trajectory just right.

So, even the thought of upping the stakes with a fish and a predatory bird seems too good to be true. However, it's for real, as you'll see in the clip below.

It's hard to tell for sure where this is, but we have what looks like a white-tailed eagle snatching a fish out of the sky in slow motion. Enjoy.

Watch the video below:

White-tailed eagles inhabit a wide range across Eurasia, and can grow very large in size. Their wingspan alone can reach as far as 8 feet, and they can weigh up to 15 pounds.

Watching this makes you wonder how many eagles these guys see on an average day. The birds clearly know who they are, as this one came right to the boat without any hesitation whatsoever.

I'd imagine you'd also have to make sure to throw that fish up high enough, as it surely wouldn't be fun to run into.

The absurdly impressive catching abilities of this eagle make me wonder how big of a fish it could catch, though.

If I were these guys, however, just once, I'd toss up a 20-pound catfish and see what happens. I'd bet money this bird could make that catch.