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Watch These Guys Get a 7-Man Limit of Geese in Wisconsin

Now this is what you call top-notch goose hunting!

Regardless of whether you're dove hunting, goose hunting, duck hunting or upland hunting, nothing feels better than hitting a daily bag limit on a bird hunt.

So, when seven hunters all hit a limit, it's safe to say people are going home happy.

With various hunting seasons now rolling along, it's hard not to get excited when you see a group having this good of a day.

Watch the video below:

Man, it seemed like these guys never had a dull moment. First of all, they hardly had to wait for action, as these Canada geese showed up before the sun was even all the way up.

Geese typically come in waves, too, so there's typically a lot of calling and even more waiting. However, it seemed like these guys didn't even have to call, as there was barely any downtime between said waves.

Then, just when the day seemed like it couldn't offer anymore excitement (seeing as each of them shot all the birds they legally could), a Wisconsin game warden crashed the party.

Fortunately the entire group was hunting within the boundaries of the law, all showing the warden their shotguns had the proper plugs.

Then, just to be a nice guy, the warden was willing to take a photo of the hunters with their birds.

Probably the best part of this whole video, though, is when one of them loads all of his geese into the trunk of his sedan. Could you make up a more redneck way to cap off a hunt?

Have you ever hit a limit? Have you ever had a day of Canada goose hunting that looked like this? Let us know and enjoy goose season!