Glowing water flows down El Capitan
TikTok, Accuweather

Watch: Stunning Time-Lapse Footage Shows Yosemite's 'Firefall' In Its Full Glory

The glowing water cascades 2,000 feet down El Capitan's face.

The illustrious sight that mimics lava spilling over El Capitan's ledge only happens briefly every year at the end of February. Those wishing to glimpse the Yosemite National Park wonder, dubbed "Firefall," must hit the trifecta—perfect light, proper weather conditions, and enough water. Horsetail Fall gets its water from snowmelt and rainwater runoff. Luckily, this year brought plenty of water to the park, creating a spectacular sight. The event draws hundreds of people to the park, even with the park's new reservation system.

One viewer captured a stunning time-lapse video of the stellar phenomenon, starting with the moment the light hit the falls until it finally waned. The footage was shared on TikTok on Thursday by Shreenivasan Manievannan via AccuWeather's page.


Firefall is in full swing at Yosemite National Park in California! ??? ? Time-lapse video captured the mesmerizing sight last week. During the second half of February, the light from the setting sun illuminates the seasonal Horsetail Fall at just the right angle to make it appear like the waterfall is on fire or like lava from a volcano. ? ? #firefall #yosemite #yosemitenationalpark #nationalpark #phenomenon #sunset #nature #waterfall #californiaadventure #scenic #naturalwonders #naturevibes

? original sound - AccuWeather

At the start of the video, the setting sun appears to set the water ablaze. The glow gleams as the sun sets, almost like a flame burning out. Finally, the sun sets, and a soft glow lingers in the water. But the video doesn't just show the wonders of the red-orange glow. It also shows visitors milling around camp as they wait for the perfect moment. The visitors are bundled up in winter layers, keeping them warm amid patches of snow on the ground.

It's clear that the photographers shown in the video had set up their cameras early in the day to get a jump on the perfect location so they could capture the wondrous scene.

While it may seem like a lot of watching and waiting, I dare say that seeing Horsetail Fall's beauty in person is more than worth it. Missed it this year? You will have to wait until next year's event, which will take place from mid-February to the end of the month. And keep your fingers crossed that there will be another "atmospheric river" that will facilitate prime viewing conditions.

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