bobcat hunting rabbit on golf course
Instagram, Bradley Leavitt

Watch: Rare Sighting of a Bobcat Hunting a Rabbit in Public

Seeing a bobcat hunt down a rabbit may not be an unusual sight in the wilderness, but witnessing it on a public golf course? Well, it was certainly different than the day these golfers expected.

Bradley Leavitt, who is on Instagram as @aft_construction, was part of a group of golfers in Arizona who saw this play out in person last weekend. Leavitt recorded it and shared the video to Instagram on Sunday. In the video, which appears to be recorded from the vantage point of a golf cart, Leavitt simply observes without interfering with the cycle of the food chain.

In for the Strike

The bobcat stalks its prey by making a wide circle around it, staying low to the ground, and then pouncing unforgivingly on the oblivious rabbit.


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"It is very common to see rabbits all over the golf course here in AZ. Occasionally you will see a bobcat," Leavitt wrote in the post. "Rarely do you see a bobcat in full hunt mode with complete disregard of any nearby golfers. In an instant, the bobcat claims its meal."

After capturing its prey, the hungry bobcat carries it off screen away from the golfers. It never seemed to be bothered by the humans nearby.

Bobcats in Arizona

According to Arizona Game & Fish, bobcats are common throughout Arizona at all elevations, especially in the Sonoran Desert, rimrock, and chaparral areas, and on the outskirts of urban areas where food is readily available. They are most active in the hours around sunset and sunrise, but it is not uncommon to see one napping in a shady area.

They are carnivorous and generally feed on birds and small animals such as rabbits, lizards, snakes, and small pets including house cats.

While bobcats are generally seen alone, they do sometimes live in groups that may consist of mating pairs, siblings, or mothers with kittens.

They can generally be identified by their size and coloration. Bobcats usually grow to be about 18-24 inches tall and around 24-36 inches long. Males get larger than females. They have tan coloring with dark spots on coat and a short, bobbed-looking tail with black around the tip.

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