Watch Motorists Miraculously Survive Distracted Driver Crash

This video shows why move over laws and distracted driving bans are so important!

What started out as an already frightening crash in Toronto turned into a far more harrowing event thanks to a presumably distracted driver, and it was all caught on a tow truck's dash cameras.

While two tow trucks look to clear a disabled GMC Sierra from the outside lane, a white Lexus RX comes barreling along with no apparent attempt made to steer away from the crash or stop.

It isn't clear what caused the initial accident, but as a result, the pickup truck is left blocking the road. Watch what happens after that.

The impact showered the roadway with debris, and it ejected two occupants (a woman and young man) from the vehicle. Amazingly, nobody was killed in the accident, but three people were transported to the hospital. Fortunately, it appears that a fire crew was already responding to the original crash and can be seen arriving on scene toward the end of the footage.

Even before the Lexus does its damage, a number of cars whiz close by the rear end of the truck failing to either slow down or move over. Many states are creating laws requiring motorists to move over or slow down when passing an emergency vehicle or tow truck.