Video: Lake Fork Guy Smokes a Big Doe Right Before Brain Surgery

Watch LFG take a nice doe in Indiana.

We're used to seeing Justin Rackley, aka Lake Fork Guy, bass fishing, but he does make a pretty good hunting video now and then too. Watch LFG go after whitetails in southern Indiana right before he heads in for surgery on a brain tumor.

He ends up filling the freezer with a nice doe on the very last day of the hunt.

Much like Lunkers TV, we're so used to seeing LFG fishing all over the world, so it's interesting to see these guys branch out with a hunting video once in a while. That was a very nice doe and a great shot to put meat in the freezer!

On another note, we're glad to see his surgery went well and that he's now in recovery after the removal of his brain tumor. It seems he has a small stockpile of videos to help tide things over until he's able to get back in the woods and on the water.

Get well soon, Justin. We're looking forward to your first fishing video post-surgery!