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Facebook: Raised At Full Draw

Girl in Cowboy Boots Outshoots Michael Waddell

A girl named Megan got into a one-shot shootout with Michael Waddell. Here's what happened.

When the venerable "Bone Collector" gives a young woman the chance to shoot it out with him for bragging rights, you can bet your bottom dollar this sharp-shooting gal will take that challenge.

With one arrow each and everyone watching, who will get closer to a 1-inch target on an elk at 42 yards?

Here's the result:

I'd like to give a big thanks to the Raised At Full Draw Facebook page and to Michael Waddell for sharing the fun!

Of course, like the rest of you, I wanted to see the up-close look at the two arrows. Too bad they didn't get in there with the camera, but we'll take their word for the fact that Megan was a little closer than Mr. Waddell.

Way to go, Megan!