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Watch: Frisbee Launcher Smashes Distance Record

With the machine, the team of engineers throws it some 285 feet farther.

Disc golf might be synonymous with people who wear pajamas and use the word "krunchie" with a k, but the reality is, it's a heck of a lot of fun. Just like regular golf, the challenge is accuracy and distance. It's hard to throw a frisbee with precision.

The farthest anyone has ever thrown a frisbee golf disc — or just disc — was 1,108.92 feet, and the record belongs to pro disc golfer David Wiggins, Jr. According to Innova Disc, which sponsored Wiggins, he set the record in 2016 during an event in Primm, Nevada. As the story goes, he smashed the record thanks to an ideal setting, including 40 mph winds at this back.


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Since then, no one has been able to recreate that magic — until now. The YouTube channel We Make Machines used their engineering process to design an apparatus equipped with a motor that could generate enough speed to whip a disc across a field.

"It took way longer than expected, but better late than never... I guess," said the show's host. "We designed and built it to throw any flying disc at any angle or speed."

In the end, the machine threw the disc a total of 1,393 feet, which is about 285 feet longer than the current world record, and traveled in the air for 18 seconds.