bengal tigers
Screenshot: National Geographic

Rare Footage of Bhutan Tigers Using Wildlife Corridors

The extremely rare tiger footage shows just how valuable wildlife corridors are for endangered animals.

A few years ago, some rare tiger footage was released from the mountainous kingdom of Bhutan.

The country, which is nestled in between India and Tibet, is home to as few as 100 wild tigers.

You can watch the incredible footage from National Geographic below.

Emmanuel Rondeau traveled Bhutan for months to capture the footage. His work showed tigers actively using wildlife corridors for migration, therefore proving their value in protecting the population.

The tiger population has been rapidly declining since the beginning of the 20th century. Currently, there are as few as 3,900 tigers left in the world.

The rapid decline is due to habitat loss and poaching. By protecting wildlife corridors, the population is able to migrate safely between large areas of habitat, helping protect the species.

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