elephant attacks safari
Image: iReport South Africa

Watch: Elephant Attack Safari Truck, Lift It Off The Ground Twice

A video released this week showing an elephant attacking a safari vehicle inside the Pilanesberg National Park and lifting it off the ground is going viral.

The two-minute-long video shared by iReport South Africa combines two clips. The first part was shot from afar and the second clip was filmed inside the vehicle.

During the incident, the driver can be heard yelling at the elephant, saying, "Hey! Hey! Move! Move! Hey!" and revving his engine. Then, as the elephant advances toward the truck, the truck driver tries to back up, but that's when the elephant attacks.

The bull nudges the truck with its head and tusks and lifts the front wheels several feet off the ground before dropping it and then does it again. As the vehicle lands back on the ground, you can see the driver pop up out of his seat and hear some screams in the background.

According to reports, it's unclear when this incident occurred or if anyone was hurt. Additionally, wildlife experts say elephants can be incredibly aggressive toward humans in a variety of circumstances like when males are in "musth" or after females give birth. However, an unprovoked attack is not the norm. They also say elephants are generally safe to view from afar.