Watch This Dog Blind Retrieve a Dead Deer From 200 Yards Out of a Lake

This is not just a duck dog, but a dog that retrieves deer as well.

Before you watch the video read this quote from the dog owner so you can get an idea of what the situation was:

"I forgot to post this from last Saturday, we were running dogs like we do every weekend and one of the guys in the club shot this doe. It didn't die until it tried to swim across this pond and well, it died out in the middle. While everyone in the club was trying to figure out how to get the deer and where to get a boat I thought to myself, we have Sam with us and we can send him to retrieve the deer. I know what you're thinking, a duck dog going to get a deer that is close to 200 yards away is crazy."

Dogs are amazing. Especially duck dogs. Pure determination, an incredible drive, and well disciplined pals are things that make your waterfowl hunting canine partners too cool.

I am sure you have probably seen a dog retrieve a duck in real life or at least on a TV production before. But I can almost guarantee you haven't seen a dog do what this one did.

Watching a dog work and retrieve ducks or geese is almost more fun to me than shooting the birds these days. It is incredible to watch them aim to please their owners and working in their element.

You just simply have to love a good hunting dog. Safe to say that this dog might never get the opportunity to do something like this again.

What a pooch, way to go Sam!