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Watch Dan Catlin From the Wildlife Gallery Take a Monster New Mexico Elk

Watch Dan Catlin From The Wildlife Gallery Take A Monster New Mexico Elk

You need to see this New Mexico elk hunt as Dan Catlin from the Wildlife Gallery takes a monster busted up bull late in the season.

Though the state has not always been known as a premier elk hunting destination, the word is starting to get out about the quality of elk hunting available in New Mexico. For instance, Randy Newberg took a great bull at just two yards with his bow a couple years ago in the state. Now, Dan Catlin, the vice-president of the Wildlife Gallery taxidermy company, just took a busted up old bull elk on a late season elk hunt in New Mexico.

I'm not sure how he managed to swing an elk hunt in January, but it looks like that is a great time to be out chasing elk in New Mexico.

Pretty cool hunt right?

I don't know exactly how far away they were when he took the shot, but it appears as though he absolutely nailed it. If you look carefully, you can actually see the bullet hit right behind the shoulder. That elk probably didn't go far at all after taking a hit like that.

Nice work Dan!

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Watch Dan Catlin From the Wildlife Gallery Take a Monster New Mexico Elk