bison blocks man in restroom Yellowstone National Park
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Watch: Bison Traps Man in Restroom in Yellowstone

Thankfully, this man is smarter than the average Yellowstone visitor.

We see a lot of Yellowstone visitors do dumb things with wildlife, but this week, the wildlife came for the visitors: On Tuesday, a guy went into a restroom in Yellowstone National Park and when he tried to come out, there was a bison blocking his path.

Thankfully, the man made good choices and waited it out until the bison moved a safe distance away. But, naturally, a crowd formed at the awkward encounter and started filming the poor fella peeking through the cracked door to check if the coast was clear yet.

The video was posted to the popular Facebook page "Yellowstone: Invasion of the Idiots"—which, really, is a bit unfair to this man who actively chose not to be an idiot like many of his fellow Yellowstone tourists might've. Instead of waiting for the bison to move on, he could've tried to sneak by him, which the bison could've viewed as a challenge.

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Instead, he chose safety—at the expense of having to hang out in a national park pit toilet (which, we all know is never an enjoyable experience) and to be teased by strangers both online and in person.

In the video, one kid can be heard saying, "Oh the guy is peeking out!" as the camera subsequently zooms in on the poor guy's peering face (though, lucky for his reputation, the bathroom man remains unidentified).

Ever the jokester, the same kid can also be heard impersonating the bison, saying, "Hi, I want to be your friend and eat you!"

While the bison, also called an American buffalo, probably wouldn't have eaten the man if he decided to sneak out of his stall, bison are definitely known to charge people who get to close (especially in Yellowstone). People have been chased away, fallen over, and one woman who got too close to a bison in the park even lost her pants to the animal.

A spokesperson for Yellowstone National Park, Linda Veress, gave kudos to the man, saying, "He did the right thing by waiting for the bison to move away from the restroom." She added that official guidelines suggest staying 25 yards away from bison at all times.

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