bison calf
Credit: Michael Sypniewski/Instagram

Watch: Bison Save Calf from Hungry Wolves

The wolves thought they had easy prey.

Bison calves and other younglings make for easy prey for predators. At least, that's what a group of wolves in Yellowstone National Park thought.

In a video recently posted by the Instagram channel Nature is Metal, which often shares the dark and harsh reality of the wild, a bison calf is seen resting in a field when all of a sudden, it gets up to run. Then, two wolves quickly grab hold of it. As they bite either side of its neck, it appears as if it's all over for the young animal, but then, two adult bison step in and save the day.


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Wildlife photographer Michael Sypniewski, who collaborates with the group Yellowstone Wolf Tracker, originally shared the video in June 2023. He explained that the young bison was sleeping on the outskirts of its herd when it was caught off guard.

"Separated from the herd, I thought for sure the wolves were on their way to securing an easy meal," Sypniewski wrote in the caption. After they saved the calf, he added: "Once returned back to the herd, the adults carefully escorted the wolves out of the area. The calf escaped with what appeared to be just minor injuries. Another incredible day in the park."

According to the National Park Service, Yellowstone is home to about 4,800 bison. While it's unclear how many calves are born each year, the Park Service says that the population increases by 10% to 17% each year. However, nearly half of all calves born — typically between April and August — don't survive the winter.