Watch as This Snake Kindly Helps a Bearded Dragon Across the Road... Maybe

Kindly helping this lizard across the road... or enjoying a midday snack? We'll let you decide what the snake is doing.

Nature is sometimes about the survival of the fittest and those on the bottom of the food chain are not so lucky. This video is a perfect example of this, as this snake makes a quick meal of this lizard.

Good thing for the person videoing, it is hard to get bit by a snake while it has it's mouth stuffed full of another species of reptile. But after watching the snake cross the road with the lizard in its got us wondering.

Maybe this snake was just doing it's good deed of the day and helping this lizard across the road? We will let you decide.

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Okay, it is pretty certain what is going on here. Pretty amazing what snakes can do, all without any arms or legs. It does bring up some good conversation and jokes though. Like, "Why did the snake cross the road?"

Answer... to get the heck away from this guy following him so he could enjoy his lunch.

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