Watch: Anglers Battle 1,200-Pound Great White Shark From the Beach in Florida

Drone footage clued them in that it was a giant.

One Florida fisherman landed the catch of a lifetime, and he did it all from the beach capturing a 12 foot, 1,200-pound Great White shark. Blaine Kenny, owner of Coastal Worldwide, a fishing tour group company and shark fishing outfitter, settled himself in on Navarre Beach on Tuesday night with his business partner Dylan Wier. They had one goal in mind—catch the "biggest sharks possible."

But they didn't want to use any ole bait. To catch the biggest sharks, they needed to use the biggest bait, the pair shared on their YouTube channel. They used the head of a 150-pound swordfish, plus an 80-pound yellowfin tuna head, according to the video.

With their reels set up, they waited until first light before getting a hit. Around 8:00 a.m., Kenny had a tug on his line and the spool began running. Kenny didn't waste a second before reeling in whatever was hooked on the other end. However, the creature was putting up a solid fight and it was tough going.

"This is absolutely nuts dude, he's screaming east," Kenny said in the video. "We might have to end up chasing him at some point."

The struggle went on for around an hour with a strong give and take going on between Kenny and the fish. Whenever he thought he had it, the fish would pull back out, leading the pair to debate what could possible be on the other end.

"It's a big, big wintertime shark," Wier said. "There's only a few things it can be, a mako, a giant tiger, a white shark or the biggest dusky we've ever seen in our lives."

That's when Wier employed the use of their drone, giving him a solid view of the fish on the other end of Kenny's line. Both men were blown away by what they saw.

"Look at that, that's a white shark!" Wier said in the footage. "That's a monster, dude, that's not just any white shark."

The massive shark was pulled into shore, and quickly released and sent back into the waters it came from. The pair estimate that the great white was at least 12-feet long, weighing 1,200 pounds or more.

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