unexpected catches
YouTube: Jiggin' With Jordan

7 Unexpected Fishing Catches Captured on Video

Sometimes one can catch more than fish!

Fishing can be wildly unpredictable and that's why we love it. But every once in a while, an angler catches something unexpected.

We noticed an uptick in videos of these incidents decided to collect seven of these strange events into one story.

These are animals other than fish that anglers have caught or nearly caught in recent years.

7. Snapping Turtle

This one happens probably far more often than not. I've hooked one or two of these turtles myself over the years. But this incident was on a topwater lure, and the whole thing was caught on video that quickly went viral on the internet.

6. Snakes

This one has also happened more than once, and has probably freaked out more than one angler. YouTuber Jiggin' with Jordan is the latest to accidentally hook one and then put the video on the web. It does raise an interesting question, though. What would you do if this happened to you?

5. Seagull

In this video, YouTuber Lunkers TV took out his brand new boat for a test run only to get his line tangled with a gull that happened to be flying in the path of his cast. Thankfully, all ends well for the bird and the angler.

4. Softshell turtle

Yes another turtle video, but this is an entirely different species caught using a totally different style of fishing. YouTuber APBassing was asked to try fishing outside his comfort zone, so he tried going after catfish. This is what he caught instead!

3. Alligator

The Fish Whisperer thought he had a big catfish on the end of his line, but it ended up being a 7-foot, toothy reptile instead! An alligator is pretty crazy, but our list isn't over.

2. Crocodile

If someone caught an alligator, a crocodile has to be next right? These guys didn't actually catch this monster, but this video got a lot of attention in Australia. The fishermen who took it received a $10,000 fine for wildlife harassment because officials felt they lured the croc to the boat on purpose. Ouch!

1. A seal (Almost!)

Seals and anglers come in contact quite often. But it's not every day a seal tries to snatch a fish right off an angler's hook. Luckily, this one let go before the fisherman and seal could fight over the fish face-to-face.

So there you have it. Seven instances that go to show anything and everything can happen when you're out fishing. What's the craziest unexpected catch you've ever had?