Want to Put Some Fun into Your Ride? Take the Wine Glass Challenge

If jumping a course isn't challenging enough, the wine glass challenge is sure to up the ante. 

Wintertime rides can get a bit dull. You're confined to the indoor arena, the weather's crappy, and you're not actively preparing for a horse show or competition. Well, that's where the wine glass challenge comes in.

An earlier version of the wine glass challenge first emerged as the Mimosa Jump-Off. Yes, this was an actual horse show class where riders carried glasses of mimosa over the course as they jumped it. And did we mention that it was awesome?

Well, now these riders have put their own spin on the Mimosa Jump-Off with their wine glass challenge. Take a look!

Video courtesy of Melissa Collier

We have to hand it to these riders - they're daring. Not only are they using a real glass, but they've also chosen red wine over white. Talk about taking a risk!

If you want to change up your winter riding routine, there are all sorts of ways to introduce a little variety. The wine glass challenge is one of them, of course, but you can also incorporate all sorts of work with trot poles, jumping courses, and even some mounted games.

Of course, the winter is always a good time to take the time to perfect some of your basics. Think sitting trot, working without stirrups, getting a nice, square halt, and other skills that will be demanded of you and your horse in the show ring. And don't forget to work on your equitation while you're at it!

The wine glass challenge is a surefire way to make any jumping course a little bit more difficult. We'd recommend you use a plastic glass for safety, and definitely don't try this challenge on a day when you're wearing your best breeches!

Will you be giving the wine glass challenge a try? Let us know in the comments.