Want One of These Summer Jobs at Yellowstone National Park?

Anyone who ignores a shot at one of these jobs at Yellowstone National Park is a fool. 

Are you up for 20 hours a week working on the Yellowstone National Park grounds this fall?

Believe it or not, this dream job could become reality if you're accepted to the Helping Hands program's part-time, short-term park jobs.

You'll get dormitory-style lodging that's part of the the Xanterra Travel Collection, and meals are provided for an extra, modest fee. You'll get $10.10 an hour doing food service, housekeeping, and other general duties.

But in your spare time, imagine the possibilities...

Check out the Old Faithful geyser, hike the trails of the world's first national park, and fully experience one of the most beautiful places Wyoming, or America for that matter, has to offer.

The job description mentions a lack of TV and reliable WiFi, but who needs those things in a place like Yellowstone?

You aren't exactly serving as a park ranger, but you'll have free access to one of the most famous parks in the United States for the duration of your stay.

Helping Hands offers a five-week program beginning for two groups on September 5 and 12 and lasts through October 15, 2019. Quick, go check if that's a good time for trout fishing! We'll wait...

You can submit your application online at the Yellowstone National Park Lodges website.

Trips to Yellowstone Park are supposed to memorable experiences. Think you could come up with one that would have more potential? We doubt it.