Want to Know How to Watch a LIVE Bear Hunt on Facebook?

This is a guest post authored by Lauren Black.

Live video on social media is exploding. Some of it is really cool, and you don't want to miss out!

On Monday evening, Jim Burnworth, extreme archer and SmartBow advocate, successfully filmed a LIVE bear hunt! Jim has been going live every week, but yesterday's hunt was the first time the Western Extreme host tapped Facebook Live for a real-time hunting excursion.

The footage was nothing short of spectacular as multiple bears enter their hunt spot and Jim's buddy Kev brings his Bowtech Reign to full draw and makes a great shot, sending the bear on a tear through the woods.

Here's an awesome recap of the live bear hunt. All the information about how you can watch Jim's hunts LIVE can be found below the video!

If you liked that, Bowtech LIVE will only get better.

This is an amazing, free opportunity to watch high-quality live videos with the best personalities in the industry! Here's how you can join in:

To watch hunts LIVE on Facebook, LIKE the Bowtech Facebook page and turn on live notifications there. A few highlights of the #BowtechLIVE programming include:

  • Last week, this famous chef-turned-hunter, Jonathan Collins, took questions during a 90-minute live turkey cooking show that was broadcast to a half dozen Facebook pages and websites! He also gave away free gifts like binoculars and culinary knives. This was part of the ongoing (dare I say) TV-like series Sure-Fire Wednesdays with The Outdoors Chef , live every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. ET.
  • Jim Burnworth's new Live@5 series, on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. Pacific, connects archers to Jim for an interactive, LIVE archery lesson every Sunday.
  • An all-new series titled Elk Talk with Randy Newberg will launch May 24th and air every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. ET.
  • Coming attractions: scouting, hunting and even target archery events in the coming weeks, including some bear camp events with Jim and Eva Shockey.

Bowtech made it super easy to get alerts on your cell phone when they go live: just text the keyword "WATCH" to 313131 in the US ("WATCH" to 393939 in Canada) and they'll let you know when a live feed is happening. Text the keyword now so you don't miss this!

For those who don't use Facebook, you can watch without any social media by visiting the #BowtechLIVE page on their website. This hosts previously recorded videos, all live video feeds and information about their content schedule.

You can watch this week's Sure-Fire Wednesdays with The Outdoors Chef: Wild Turkey and Dumplings right here on Wednesday at 7pET:

This isn't Bowtech's first time hosting this kind of live programming, but the hunting content really kicked into gear in the last few weeks. Ever since the brand broadcast 13 hours of live content from the #ATA2017 archery trade show back in January and covered the Vegas Shoot tournament live in February, Bowtech fans like Ty and Rihana Cary, Fearless Outdoors, Jim Burnworth and others have been testing live hunts with them.

Tim Glomb, Director of Digital at Bowtech Brands, had this to say:

We know the hunt community wants to watch and learn in real-time. LIVE video is a tool that allows us to put our customers directly in touch with some of the smartest archers on the planet. #BowtechLIVE is dedicated to delivering as much LIVE, interactive content as possible every week. We'll be broadcasting from the woods, from our stands and even from a new studio in our factory.

What have you got to lose? All this programming is free to enjoy on social media and on Bowtech's website, so LIKE the Bowtech Facebook page and turn on your LIVE notifications there, and text "WATCH" to 313131 so you know when everything's happening.

For all the latest good stuff from Jim Burnworth, you can also LIKE Jim's page for live check-ins. If you're on Instagram, you'll also catch daily bowhunting stories on Bowtech's Instagram feed.