catch more trout
Bill DeGideo

Want to Catch More Trout? Make Sure You Have These Items in Your Vest

We all want to catch more trout when we grab our gear and head to the stream. A lot of our success hinges on whether or not we have the right tackle with us. Make sure you fill your fishing vest with these items before your next trout fishing adventure.

For argument's sake, this list will be for anglers using a spinning or casting reel. Obviously, fly fishing would require different gear.

Terminal Tackle

Terminal tackle is the meat and potatoes of your fishing vest content. This includes hooks, weights, and swivels. To catch more trout, you want to have a good variety of each so you can adapt to the current fishing conditions. Hook sizes should range from #12 to #4. I will use a single barbless baitholder if I am practicing catch and release. If I intend to bring home my catch, I will tie on a treble hook.

A simple split shot assortment kit will take care of your weights. Make sure you buy the reusable style, since they are much easier to work with. Sizes should range from #BB to #4.

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Swivels can reduce line twist and speed up the re-tying process. You should match the swivel size to the size of your hook.

InLine Spinners20170312_212605_resized

My favorite way to catch trout is with inline spinners. For me, nothing beats casting a spinner against the rippling current and have a big brown trout explode through the surface of the water with the lure imbedded in the corner of its mouth. Again, the wider assortment you have with you, the better off you will be.

There is a saying that goes, "match the hatch." Therefore, If you want to catch more trout use a spinner that most resembles what the trout are feeding on naturally.

Trout Magnet

If the trout are not reacting to a fast moving lure like a spinner, I will slow things down. A Trout Magnet is a soft plastic worm about and inch long with a forked tail. They are rigged on a small jig heads of varying weights. I drift them along in the current, or toss them into deeper holes and let them sink to the bottom and "hop" them along.

catch more trout

Trout Magnet Assortment


The "Old Faithful" of the fishing vest. Powerbait is an artificial paste that comes in a variety of colors and flavors.  When all else fails, I will make a small dough ball around a treble hook, attach a split shot, and cast into a prospective hole. No vest should be without a few of these iconic jars.

catch more trout


Sometimes you have to swing for the fences. Bigger lures catch bigger fish, consequently when I feel like there are larger fish present, I will tie on a crankbait. They are not the same size as a bass crankbait, but larger than any inline spinner or trout magnet. When a large trout wants to eat, he'll be sure to take a run at one of these lures.

catch more troutTools

In addition to the terminal tackle and lures, you are going to want to have a few tools as well. A good pair of hemostats (straight or curved) are invaluable for removing hooks. A line cutter comes in handy when trimming knots and changing lures. A stringer is necessary for keeping your catch secure while you continue to fish. And finally, a net will undoubtedly help you land, and catch more trout.