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Volcanic Eruption Claims Drone That Flies Too Close to the Lava

Volcano Drone
YouTube: Joey Helms

This was an expensive, but extremely cool shot to capture via drone!

For those who are fascinated with Earth's natural processes, Iceland's volcanoes have been putting on a spectacular show this year. More specifically, the Fagradalsfjall and Geldingadalir volcanoes which started erupting back in March and are showing no signs of slowing anytime soon.

Rather than being scared, the eruptions have instead drawn tons of tourists to the remote area just south of Reykjavik. Many of them have captured spectacular images of the massive lava flows that have covered the whole mountain at times.

Many people have been flying drones over the destructive lakes of fire. This drone operator got a little closer than the others. To the point that the drone suddenly loses all signal because he piloted it straight into an exploding fountain of liquid magma being thrown high into the air!

The Earth's natural processes may be extremely violent, but they are also hauntingly beautiful. This footage was shot at Fagradalsfjall, which has been regularly having these types of spectacular geyser-like eruptions lately. It has also produced spectacular "lakes of fire" and has opened new large fissures in the Earth. It is easy to forget our planet is constantly shifting and changing until you see a video like this.

Prior to this recent activity, this volcano had been quiet for centuries. Volcanologists knew something was coming when earthquakes started to hit the greater Reykjanes Peninsula in December 2020. Thankfully, few people live in the area, so the danger to the people of Iceland is low.

Love them or hate them, drones give us a whole new view of things like this from an angle we would not see otherwise. In the video's description, the uploader, Joey Helms, notes that this drone was a DJI FPV. In case you were wondering that drone is not cheap. It retails for about $1,300 here in the U.S. Talk about an expensive, yet spectacular shot!

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Volcanic Eruption Claims Drone That Flies Too Close to the Lava