Volcanic Eruption
YouTube: Drone Zone

Volcanic Crater Violently Erupts, Covering Whole Mountain in Lava

The Earth opens in spectacular fashion at this Icelandic volcano.

Perhaps the most incredible demonstration of the raw power of our Earth is a volcanic eruption. If you have not been following it, Iceland has been home to some seriously impressive eruptions in 2021. The Fagradalsfjall and Geldingadalir volcanoes have come alive, spewing lava on the surface like the gates of hell opened down below.

We have already seen some amazing pieces of footage of the lava flows going on just outside the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik. However, this latest piece of footage may be the most amazing we have ever seen.

Shot on July 2 with a drone, this footage captures the crater at Fagradalsfjall. At the beginning of the video, it does not look like much is happening. However, around the three-minute mark, the mountain suddenly comes alive and spews out a geyser and flood of lava that covers the entire crater in a matter of seconds. It is something one must see to believe.

Kudos to this drone operator for being in the right place at the right time to capture one of the most amazing eruptions we have ever seen. Iceland is the spot to be right now for volcanologists wanting to study the raw power of these mountains. Most geologists were not too surprised when the mountain began erupting back on March 19.

The eruptions were predicated by a substantial increase in tectonic activity dating back to 2019. Prior to these eruptions, most of the area had been quiet for hundreds of years since the 12th century! As of right now, it does not appear to show any sign of slowing any time soon.

As spectacular as the eruption is, many of Reykjavik's residents seem mostly unconcerned about all the lava spewing out. In fact, all the activity has drawn a significant number of tourists wanting to see Earth's show for themselves. Fortunately for Iceland's residents, the area is remote and mostly uninhabited.

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