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Video: You Have Got to Hear This Reel Scream on a Giant Trevally Strike

Jon B finally finds the giant trevally he was looking for.

You may recall last fall when YouTube fishing celebrities Jon B and Lunkers TV traveled to Mozambique, Africa. They were looking for the legendary giant trevally, one of the hardest-fighting fish on the planet.

While they had an amazing trip and caught some nice fish, they didn't really find a giant GT. It seems the fish has gotten under Jon's skin, too, as he and apbassing travel to Komodo Island in Indonesia looking for them again in this video.

This day starts off in frustrating fashion with a break-off. But, things turn around later in the day when Jon finally hooks the GT he was looking for.

What a fish and what a trip! It just goes to show how quickly a rotten start to a day can turn into one of the best ever.

That reel was absolutely screaming when Jon hooked that fish. Hopefully you watched to the end to see Jon demonstrate where his drag was when that strike came. It's hard to believe how locked down it was was when he hooked the fish. The fish peeled that line like it was string on a yo-yo!

These GTs seem to be nothing less than pure muscle. The GT is often called the hardest-fighting fish on the planet, and after watching this video, we believe it!


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Video: You Have Got to Hear This Reel Scream on a Giant Trevally Strike