Video: You Need These Slo-Motion Bass Jumps in Your Life

Here's a big reminder of why we love bass fishing so much.

Largemouth bass or smallmouth bass, they're one of our favorite species to target and for many reasons. They can be as aggressive and tight-lipped as any fish out there. We chase them in the slop and in open water, but we just can't seem to get enough.

If you've fished for "bucketmouths" long enough, you've been privy to one of the most fabulous reasons why we sharpen our hooks so often. You know they're profoundly good at spitting them.

With the quality footage you get to see in this video—superb slow-motion—you'll see what they do to frustrate the heck out of us, and make us come crawling back for more. Your may even flinch when the lure parts come flying at you from your computer screen!

There are spinnerbait parts and plugs flying everywhere! We can all relate to the broken lures, broken lines and broken hearts! The largemouth bass has given us all of them and in greater quantity than most of the fish we target.

Anyone who's had a lunker spit their offering at the boat or anywhere else for that matter will attest to the fact that the weight of the fish grows exponentially by the number of times the angler tells the story!

What's your story regarding a slob bass spitting your lure?

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