Video: When a Furry Black Tank Owns Your Minivan

Here's what happens when you leave your minivan unlocked in bear country.

If you leave your vehicle unlocked or open in bear country, this is bound to happen sooner or later. When a black bear decides it wants something and it's inside of your car, you may be stuck in a situation just like these folks encountered.

At first, you can't tell what it really is inside of the parked minivan, but it's apparent that it's something these folks don't want to get too close to. After trying several times to leave the door open, they're forced to flee as the horn sounds and then a large, furry head explodes out of the driver's side window!

Getting back to the house was then a must, and thankfully these two men did just that. Now watch and see what happens when a big bruin wants to take a ride in your car:

The information listed about the person who shot the video says that they currently reside in the Asheville, NC area, which is certainly bear country.

It's amazing what a black bear will do to get some grub, so it stands to reason that people should always take the utmost care with food and garbage in bear country.

That furry beast barely fit out of that window! It's a good thing it wasn't very upset or they may have had a visitor for a while longer.

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