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Video: What's It's Like Fishing After a Hurricane

Fishing after a hurricane? Here's what you can expect.

Recently the United States was hit by two major hurricanes, and once the relief efforts are over, anglers will be learning how to adjust. In this video you'll learn what to expect.

One thing to remember is the bays will have all the water sucked out of them and it will all be washed back in eventually, changing the make up of the water. Certain areas found near bays such as marshes will be affected too, as the depth may have changed with the drastic movement of the water.

Keep in mind the fishing will still be good. Consider using dark lures if you're after redfish in Texas. The mullet run should remain largely unaffected, as the storm landed and wrapped up early enough. Before heading to your local spot consider making a donation to a charity near you!


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Video: What's It's Like Fishing After a Hurricane