dolphin chases jack
Facebook: See Through Canoes

Video: Watching a Dolphin Hunting a Fish is Oddly Satisfying

Why is this video so addicting to watch?

In a video from See Through Canoe, we get to watch a wild chase better than any you'd ever see on truTV. A bottlenose dolphin is hot pursuit of a crevalle jack down in Tampa Bay, Florida, near St. Petersburg, according to the original Facebook post.

The dolphin swims sideways for the majority of the chase because the water is so shallow, frequently breaching the surface to pick up speed.

The chase somehow lasts for about two minutes, as the jack refused to give up!

Watch the video below:

What a chase!

Didn't it almost kind of look like the jack was just teasing this dolphin? It seemed like it had a number of chances to get away but wanted to test the dolphin. That's probably not what was happening, but that's what it looked like!

Additionally, this dolphin chases with some serious finesse! Watching this almost feels like you're playing a smartphone game with how the dolphin turns and rolls.

What's also cool about this chase is that because of the shallow water, you can see all the other fish get stirred up.

It looked like two roughtail stingrays picked up and moved, as did a lot of other fish the dolphin could've shifted its attention to. However, it was adamant on getting it's preferred lunch.

This really makes you think about all the times you were wading in some waist-deep water at the beach, doesn't it? What if a dolphin was hunting a fish in your vicinity? It would probably knock you right over! Or, at least, we know this one would!