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Video: Two Easy Methods to Clean Your Dove

So you shot a dove, now what? Try these two easy methods for cleaning doves. 

Who doesn't love to get out in the field and blast a few birds? Of course, after you bag them, you have to know what to do with them. This video shows two easy methods for cleaning your doves.

The most difficult part of learning how to hunt has to be learning how to clean and prepare your game. Jonathan O'Dell with the Arizona Game and Fish Department shares his easy tips for cleaning your harvest. Both methods give you a nicely prepared piece of meat ready to cook.

I generally prefer the breasting method. There isn't much meat on the legs or wings, so it isn't really worth the bother to me. But, for those of you that want to prepare some roasted dove over potatoes, plucking is the way to go.

These methods will also work for other small game birds like quail. Whether you like roasting your bird, making dove kabobs or green chile and bacon-wrapped dove breasts, the first step is to ensure you properly clean and preserve your bird. Once you breast them or pluck them, make sure you have a cooler with ice to keep them cool until you get home.

Once you master either technique, you will get through your harvest in no time. Good luck!


Video: Two Easy Methods to Clean Your Dove