tom turkey
Mike Persichini/Facebook

Video: This Tom Turkey Sure Knows How to Bust a Move

This turkey has a leg up on the competition with these dapper dance moves. 

A tom turkey has it tough when it comes to finding a date. Do like all the other dudes and rest assured, you'll get very little attention from the gals in the group.

It definitely pays to have a unique style come spring, and if you're like this guy, that means pulling out all the stops with your fancy footwork and rhythmic wing flaps.

Check out this toe-tapping tom that Michigan's Mike Persichini caught on his trail camera.

Mike's one of the best when it comes to cool trail camera captures. To see some of his best work, check out the awesome gallery we put together HERE.

We certainly don't think this turkey will be needing a wing man anytime soon.

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