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Video: This Male Woodcock Has His Dance Moves Down Pat

One thing's for certain, this woodcock sure has rhythm.

The woodcock is a seldom seen bird, due in part to its ability to sit statue-still with camouflage that would put any hunter to shame.

But come early spring, this stubby bird with the elongated beak breaks out into song and dance. Well, at least the guys do.

Called the "sky dance," males will spiral in the air while making a twittering sound with their wings. Once on the ground, they will give a series of vocalizations before springing back up into the next spiral. The dance can last 30 minutes in length, and will often occur shortly after the sun has set.

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Those birds with the best dance moves will be the ones to win with the ladies.

Here's a fella showing some fancy footwork on the ground, pre-spiral:

If only we all had such sweet moves.

Groove on, Mr. Woodcock.

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