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Video: This Guy Fishes From the Comfort of His Living Room

fishing in luxury
Facebook: Fishing Nice

Now this is what you call a comfortable fishing environment.

We all know how it feels when you want to go fishing but just can't find the motivation. Before you know it, you're just reaching for excuses to warrant staying in.

Perhaps you're really comfortable and just don't want to move. Maybe you just poured a drink you don't want to leave unattended. Or, could it be that you don't want to leave your dog home alone.

Check, check and check. This guy found a way to go fishing without really leaving the house at all!

Watch the video below:

Fishing like a boss 🙂

Fishing like a boss 🙂

Posted by Fishing Nice on Thursday, February 21, 2019

In a video Fishing Nice posted to Facebook, we see an angler who prefers fishing in absolute comfort.

Floating on an air mattress, this guy brought his living room to the water. He not only has the La-Z-Boy on board, but he was able to bring his drink and his dog, too!

It have to admit, this is a pretty solid setup, as that air mattress appears to be offering pretty strong support for the rest of his setup. However, the only issue I could possibly see arising is the absence of a motor or a paddle.

How exactly would you move around the water? Or did he just plan to float downstream for a while until he hit a boat landing?

I suppose if you're taking the lazy man's approach to a day on the water, that would be the most appropriate way to do it!

I'm also curious as to how long that dog would stay put before jumping in the water.

Either way, you can't help but appreciate anglers with innovation like this. Here's to hoping this guy had luck to go along with his sweet rig!



Video: This Guy Fishes From the Comfort of His Living Room