Mike Persichini

Video: This Buck is Carrying a Heavy Load

This Michigan buck took a headfirst volley into a tennis net.

Urban deer have an uncanny way of getting tangled up in all sorts of stuff. For this Michigan native, his jousting with a tennis net led to one zany and colorful wig of sorts.

Mike Persichini has a passion for trail cams. He captures some of the best images we've seen, and literally knows each of the deer by name.

As you can imagine, it came as a surprise when this buck showed up recently on one of Mike's many trail cams with a head adorned in netting. Although funny to see, dangling rope, netting or wire can easily get tangled on ground cover, leading to a slow and painful death.

One can only hope this fella is able to shed this head ornament soon!

According to a Facebook comment Mike made, he's tried in the past to get help for deer by contacting vets, the DNR and the local police, all to no avail. It's pretty sad.

Unbelievably, another buck showed up at Mike's place. Look what this guy was wearing:


Fortunately, this buck was able to free himself from this rigid netting the very next night:


Fingers crossed his buddy is just as successful, too.

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