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Video: The New 3D Snake Fishing Lure

Strange, creepy and innovative, this new Savage Gear 3D Snake fishing lure could land you some monster fish.

Big fishing lures land big fish; that's no fishing secret. Savage Gear has done an incredible job of marketing new big baits, but their 3D Snake is turning heads left and right.

The 3D Snake is weirdly real-looking, though. If you aren't fond of snakes, you'll have to overcome your fears if you're going to try to fish with this new bait. As you'll see in these videos, its swimming imitation is so real, it makes your skin crawl!

I throw topwater baits before anything else and whenever I can. It's hard to beat the adrenaline rush I get from the water ripple and splash as a big bass breaks the surface. Seeing these big fish hit the 3D Snake in this clip alone makes me want to buy one. The 3D Snake comes in two different sizes and is available in three color options: Black Adder, Green Fluo and Steel Adder.

The fishing tackle is versatile, too. The soft plastic lure body swims in a wide "S" formation and can be used as a topwater bait, although it isn't weedless.

It would be interesting to give this bait a chance. Honestly, I have no clue how fish would actually react to it. Obviously it works, though, and this footage proves that.

This lightweight lure that is sure to shine in some of your more popular bass fishing states like California, Texas and Florida.