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Ted Nugent Attempts to Set Things Straight Regarding the AR-15's Firepower

Watch Uncle Ted demonstrate how a shotgun can do more harm than an AR-15. 

Ted Nugent knows a thing or two about guns. On a recent episode of Alex Jones' Info Wars, the timeless rocker shared his thoughts on the AR-15 controversy that's waging war across America.

Is an AR-15 truly an assault rifle? Can a shotgun, the same weapon we use to hunt geese and ducks, cause more damage?

Uncle Ted answers these very questions for us.

That pretty much sums it up. The way he refers to it as an American family gun, one for having fun at the range, strikes a chord.

Whether or not the general public knows the firepower of an AR-15 as compared to a common bird hunting gun, we can at least take strides to properly educate when the opportunities present themselves. That sure seems like that's what Ted's doing here.

For all the gun owners whose ears ring when they hear someone refer to AR-15s as "assault rifles" or "assault weapons," now you have some more logical proof to share. It's not about two little letters, it's about the ammo performance, the semiautomatic operation, and the self-defense applications. Those are the things that should open up their eyes.

Thanks for telling it like it is, Ted. You're a true believer in the Second Amendment and our Right to Bear Arms. We're thankful you're spreading common sense about gun rights and gun ownership.

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