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Shark Attacks Seal Mere Feet From Beachgoers

This was a little too close for comfort!

Pandemonium erupted on Cape Cod's Nauset Beach Aug. 21, 2017, when a great white shark ripped a seal apart just feet from surfers and beachgoers. The attack, which people caught on film, saw two frightened surfers scrambling to get ashore while lifeguards came running.

A long trail of blood is seen close to shore while spectators shout warnings (and pull out cell phones to capture the rampage). This was not a fun day at the beach.

Here's the crazy footage:

Authorities closed the beach and the attack prompted calls for a shark cull in the Cape Cod waters. Under a controversial proposal made by Barnstable County commissioner Ron Beaty, the "shark hazard mitigation strategy" would see the deployment of baited drum lines with hooks positioned near popular beaches. Sharks found hooked and still alive would be shot, their bodies dragged out to sea.

"This shark, that attack that got videotaped off Nauset, that was very close to shore and very easily could have been a small child and not a seal," Beaty said. "It's very easy for these sharks to mistake a person for a seal. They're just looking for something to eat. God forbid it's somebody's child, and by that time, it's too late. We can't wait for that."

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