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Video: Setting the Hook on Your Fishing Buddy Looks Just Like This

Do you have a friend who would do this to you?

One of the cardinal rules when you go fishing with your friends is to never fall asleep. If you do, there's a good chance you'll turn into a viral fishing video. That said, this guy just became a part of the next fishing prank to conquer the internet. And, all he did was let his guard down for a second.

Generally when we watch a fishing video, we hope to imagine ourselves in the same place hooking up like those in the video. But, when one guy on the boat decides to pull out one of the oldest fishing prank in the book, we have to watch.

Here's a good prank that catches one poor guy trying to discover the inside of his eyelids. He should've been ready for this little trick:

Since it looks like a cell phone video, you can't quite tell when the guy in the water actually grabs the line. However, we know that reaction oh too well.

This is one trick that will never get old. Tag a mate that would do this to you and then share the video publicly just to embarrass you!

Maybe someday we'll be able to buy something that'll alert us when this little trick is in the works. Then we won't have to spend a week trying to get all the videos off Facebook.

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