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Shots Fired at a Buck Swimming Between Two Bass Boats?

Two bass boats encountered a scary moment when they witnessed someone attempt to shoot a whitetail buck swimming in the lake.

Two sets of anglers were in the middle of a fishing tournament bass fishing when they witnessed the sight. The swimming buck chased some does across Lake Mitchell mere yards from two bass boats.

The angler videoed the scene, simply enjoying the moment, when all of a sudden shots were fired in the direction of the buck. Hysteria ensued. The land near this part of the lake is in the Coosa County Wildlife Management Area.

Watch and see how it all unfolded.

In fact, both boats caught the scene on video. Here's the other angle.

This incident goes against all common sense and safety practices when hunting or shooting period. From the videos, we're not sure what took place next nor if the authorities are involved.

Nonetheless, no one should ever shoot at water. There are too many variables that the bullet could have ricocheted off of. We're just glad these anglers are OK. As for the buck, we're not sure of the outcome.

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