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Video: Perkele! Finnish Man Scares Off Bear

What do you do when there's a bear on your porch? Swear at it of course! There's just something swarthy about the way the Finns swear! I couldn't stop watching this.

Oh man, this video really had me rolling, almost as hard as this guy can roll an R. 

"Perkele" is Finnish swear word that roughly translates to "devil". It's considered to be rude profanity that carries more weight than other common Finnish swear words. At one time in history, it was believed to be a cry to the gods to give you strength.

Later, as Finland became Christianized beginning in the 12th century, the pagan gods became demonized and the swear word evolved to mean devil. So it has quite a history!

That brown bear was so startled I think he fell off the porch! I think I would be too if a big Finnish sailor walked out and started swearing at me like that. 

The man who took this video said he had just woken up and spotted the bear rummaging through a bag of old cans on his porch.

Finland is home to more than 1,500 brown bears. Tourists even come to take bear-watching trips. Staying in cabins or tents and going out and photographing the bears during the day.

This guy is clearly a native, though, and had no patience with this bear!