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Video: Perfect Shot With Crossbow Makes Doe Launch Into Orbit

deer flip

Prepare for liftoff, this hunter's about to make a great shot.

We've all seen clips of those perfect vitals shots that cause a deer to jump upon impact, but not like this.

Using a Tactacam, this hunter was able to capture high-quality footage of an epic crossbow shot.

Not only is it a great shot, but when the bolt hits, this doe gets some serious air, nearly completing a full flip.

Watch the video below:

What a crazy reaction from that doe! Lucky that they had the Tactacam rolling.••••#hunting #deer #flip #shocked #whitetail #cold #crossbow #mindblown #neverseenbefore #February #deerseason #hunting #perfectshot• • •This is absolutely mind-blowing! Have you ever seen a deer do this?#ShareYourHunt #tactacam

Posted by on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

After seeing it soar a couple feet into the air, you can spot the deer instantly hitting the ground at the edge of the frame. It'd be safe to assume this doe was down for the count in 10 seconds or less.

Also, what's more satisfying? The sound of a crossbow launching a bolt, or watching a lighted nock fly through the air?

It's hard to imagine what we did before we had the ability to self-film hunts.




Video: Perfect Shot With Crossbow Makes Doe Launch Into Orbit