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Video: Pair of Ohio Bucks Take Their Beef to the Street

Chris Estell/Facebook

Talk about Sunday morning excitement for this Cincinnati subdivision.

When it comes to waging war with a fellow brother, a whitetail buck cares little about the fight location. And, although most battles for supremacy happen in the woods and away from human spectators, sometimes they end up right in our own front lawn.

Chris Estell was privy to a spectacular whitetail rumble on the morning of Nov. 12, and lucky for him, he didn't head in to church that day and miss it.

Turn up your speakers for this epic showdown:

This was our Sunday morning excitement

Posted by Chris Estell on Sunday, November 12, 2017

This fight reminds us of an intense elk scrap we shared recently. If you want to see two brutes truly go at it, you'll want to check out that thrilling clip HERE.

The lengths these guys go to for the love of a female.

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Video: Pair of Ohio Bucks Take Their Beef to the Street