Video: Old-Timer Punches Bear Trap at Church Talent Show

We have to 'hand' it to this guy... he 'bearly' even flinched. 

When you think of a church talent show for a Mormon congregation, song, dance, or the playing of a musical instrument generally comes to mind. But for a church in Gilbert, Arizona, one parishioner decided to buck the trend and literally go big or go home.

As you're about to see, this old-timer dragged a monstrous bear trap up on stage, first teasing the onlookers with a large stick before wantonly tossing it aside. He then went for pure talent show gold.

WARNING: Do not try this at home... or at church... or on a field... ok, you get the drift.

Talk about working the crowd into a tizzy! We bet this isn't Jimmy's first talent show.

We're left with only one question: what the heck do you do for an encore?!

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