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Video: Muskie Spawning is a Wicked Sight to See

Jake Krohn/Facebook

Seldom seen, this pair of muskie spawning is one sweet spectacle.

Most of us have come across bass or panfish spawning while we work the skinny water. But who can say they've been privy to spying a pair of muskie in the mood?

Jake Krohn stumbled upon a couple of frisky fish while wading the Wisconsin River May 5.

Fortunately for us, he captured the sweet spectacle on film and posted it to Facebook.

So I decide to wade the WI river for a few hours this afternoon. I get to one of my spots and I hear a bunch of...

Posted by Jake Krohn on Saturday, May 5, 2018

That's the future of the fishery right there!

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Video: Muskie Spawning is a Wicked Sight to See