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Bulletproof Clothing Put to the Ultimate Test By Husband and Wife

How much do you trust your spouse?

Would you wear body armor and let him or her shoot it? Well, this man is proving the effectiveness of his bulletproof clothing line by shooting his wife.

This Colombian couple makes high-end bulletproof clothing and tactical gear that doesn't appear to available to the general public.

From bulletproof vests, leather jackets and bulletproof backpacks to even tank tops, this lightweight Kevlar armor is quite popular these days. Civilians and law enforcement alike are buying up ballistic protection like never before. Miguel Caballero is well-known for his bulletproof fashion in Columbia.

How do you test such a product? Well, in this case, his willing wife is just letting him take aim! With protective clothing there's nothing that can go wrong here, right? One slip-up here and it's game over. You'd better be well aware of each armor's protection level, as a hot .357 Magnum or .44 Magnum would still hurt. Ballistic protection has come a long way with better National Institute of Justice standards and lighter-weight materials.

Self Defense Company makes a Bodyguard Bulletproof Jacket and other products for those looking to buy their own body armor. An American company named BulletBlocker also makes such bulletproof products right here in the United States.

How bad of an idea is it to test out body armor while someone else is actually wearing it? You can just imagine the bruising that would occur after such a test. You should definitely never try this at home!

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