VIDEO: How to Make Your Own Amazing Backpacking Food

Buying commercial MREs can get pricey if you're planning a lot of days out in the backcountry. Plus, you're tired of salty, unsatisfying globs that cook up differently every time.

As it turns out, cooking with freeze dried and dehydrated foods is a great way to eat healthy on the trail, while using the very meat you've harvested on past hunts.

Rihana Carey stopped by the Bowtech LIVE studio to share her recipes and prep tips on cooking for the outdoors.

As a recap, here are a few topics Rihana Carey covered in this video:

  • The difference between freeze-dried and dehydrated foods
  • How to figure out portion sizes that'll cover your appetite, while avoiding overpacking
  • Supplies you'll need and where to buy them
  • Recipes that'll get you out of your tent early and racing back to camp in the evening

Article courtesy of Wide Open Spaces guest author Lauren Black.