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Video: What Kind of Damage Can a Crossbow Really Dish Out?


Just what kind of damage can a crossbow dish out?

Usually when we're watching a Demolition Ranch video, he's doing something outrageous with firearms. But Matt has been branching out a little bit lately and has started to involve some archery gear, and now, a crossbow.

He just got a fancy new crossbow and he puts it through a glut of tests against targets that he usually shoots with his firearms. He also tests a unique bolt modification that allows it to shoot a .357 magnum. Yes, really!

Matt may have gotten a little carried away with this video and the shotgun shell. Still, it was interesting to see how the bolts fared against things like body armor and ceramic plates.

However, our favorite part of the video was the cans of cat food. The way that turned out was just hilarious and oddly satisfying to see. The Mission Sub-1 is a pretty sweet-looking crossbow, so we may be looking into that as our next purchase!


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Video: What Kind of Damage Can a Crossbow Really Dish Out?